• Water Resources Assessment -Diani & Galu Kinondo Ukunda Kwale County
    Water Resources Assessment -Diani & Galu Kinondo Ukunda Kwale County
  • Borehole Camera Scanning To Determine Its Internal Conditions In Athi River
    Borehole Camera Scanning To Determine Its Internal Conditions In Athi River
  • Borehole Drilling  Supervision -Riverside Court, Riverside Drive in Kileleshwa Nairobi
    Borehole Drilling Supervision -Riverside Court, Riverside Drive in Kileleshwa Nairobi
  • Borehole Drilling Supervision -Sabaki Area Mavoko Machakos County
    Borehole Drilling Supervision -Sabaki Area Mavoko Machakos County

Groundwater and Technical Services Limited (GWTS) is a private firm registered and based in Kenya. It offers professional and consultancy services in groundwater explorations and related studies, borehole site investigations, hydrogeological surveys, geophysical surveys, borehole drilling supervision and management, water resources assessment, hydrological studies, water supply and sanitation projects, environmental impact assessment (EIA) and environmental audit (EA), geotechnical surveys, geological studies and engineering geological works. The company has competent and well experience staff in the above areas of consultancy.

Its principal consultant (Mr. Dominic Nzuma. Mutinda) is registered with the Ministry of Water and Irrigation-Kenya as qualified Water Resources Professional (Hydrogeologist) and licensed to practice as Hydrogeologist, Registered with the National Environmental Management Authority-Kenya (NEMA-Kenya) as Lead Expert and licensed to practice as EIA/EA Lead Expert, Registered Geologist with the Geologist Registration Board (GRB)-Kenya and is a member of Geological Society of Kenya (GSK). The principal consultant is a former Senior Hydrogeologist/Geophysicist/Environmentalist with Groundwater Survey (EA) Ltd. He has vast experience in various aspects of hydrogeology, hydrology, geology, exploration geophysics, engineering geology, environmental geology, geochemistry, hydrochemistry, environmental impact assessment (EIA), Environmental and Social impact assessment (ESIA) and environmental audit (EA), water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) projects, project evaluation and management.

He has vast experience in the East African region (especially in Kenya and Tanzania), South Sudan and Somalia. While in Groundwater Survey (EA) Ltd, he has carried out numerous contracts/projects for many clients extending over these eastern African countries. A few include; Tiomin Resources Inc, Vipingo Ridge Ltd, Tanzania Breweries Ltd, Coastal Bottlers, Equator Bottlers, Kenya Fluorspar Company, Sinohydro Corporation, Consulting Engineering companies such as H P Gauff Consult Engineers-for both Kenya and Tanzania projects, TRIAD Architects-both Kenya and South Sudan Projects, Strabag International, Mangat IB Patel, Seureca Space – several Tanzania Projects, Large scale industries (e.g Wrigley Company EA, Kenya Clay), plantations(e.g. Bendor Estates Ltd, Kwale International Sugar Co.- KISKOL), flower/coffee/sugar farms, clients in rural set-ups and urban clients. He has carried both small scale and bulk water projects for international organizations such as GAA (German Agro Action), UNHCR, UNICEF-Kenya, CCF, UNICEF OLS- Southern Sudan Projects, World Vision, UNEP, UNDP, UNESCO, COOPI –Somalia projects, SIDA, GTZ, DANIDA, JICA , UNON, ILRI, AWF etc. Others include the American Embassy-Nairobi, KEMRI, Friends of Kenya-Kibiko Ngong, Friends of Timboni (Timboni School-Malindi), Faith based Organization such as World Vision, Norwegian Church Aid-South Sudan projects, Norwegian Peoples Aid- Northern Somalia projects, Medair East Africa-South Sudan Projects, Diocese of Meru, Kolping Organization of Kenya, Apostle of Jesus of Major Seminary, Sisters of Charity of St. Charles Bartholomew, Dominican Friars in Karen, CITAM and a quite number of community based water organizations such as Ahero Widows group in Nyando County, Ndwaa Ngutwae women group in Vulya area Machakos County, GIMKA water project in TaitaTaveta Area, Ndome Water Project in TaitaTaveta County, Kishamba community water project in TaitaTaveta County. Thangira/ Kimorori Community water project in Makuyu Area. Water Companies such as Runda Water Company, Kiambu Water and Sewerage Co. Ltd, just to name but a few. Details of some of these projects has been outlined under column of projects done by the principle consultant in East Africa.

The staff members and associates of GWTS are experienced hydrogeologists /geophysicists, hydrologists, groundwater inspectors, EIA/EA Lead Experts and water engineers. The staff is well experienced in the use of various geophysical equipment used in groundwater and geotechnical surveys such as ABEM Terrameter SAS 1000/4000, 300 Series, Electromagnetic Method (EM), Seismic Refraction etc). Knowledgeable and skilled in the execution and interpretation of geophysical measurement techniques such as such as geo-resistivity, schlumberger vertical electrical soundings (VES), Induce polarization, (IP) and Wenner Resistively Profiling to detect anomalies of decomposed lithologic units, geological lineaments etc or saline shallow aquifer zones (due to saline water intrusion) in coastal belts and elucidated the geological successions of aquifers.

The core team is well experienced in use of computer softwares in groundwater-modelling, Geophysical interpretation programs: IX1D, Schlumberger and Wenner. Borehole design, geological and geophysical logging, and test-pumping software: Aquifer and Pump Tests. Also experienced in application of relevant drilling techniques such as rotary (with air foam and polymer) Down The Hole hammer and percussion. Drilling Project Management which entails borehole/well design and construction, geological logging, test pumping analysis, pump selection and installation, Certifying contractor’s Bill of Quantities, borehole/well condition assessment and rehabilitation, Tendering and Tender evaluation.