This is done on problematic existing boreholes (located on either bulk or small/localised aquifers) to investigate the courses of such problems and the way forward to solve the problems or recommend alternatives to supplement the water supply among other patinent recommendations, etc.

Aspects evaluated in this study include:-
- Borehole design and installations,
- Original and current borehole depth and water levels,
- Borehole water quality and hydrochemistry,water quantity,
- Borehole location and its geological logs,
- Borehole water abstraction trends,
- Type and capacity of installed permanent pumping plants,
- Permanent pump intake levels, frequency of the installed pump failures,
- Borehole density and abstraction trends in the neighbourhood, evaluation of area's hydrogeology and aquifer conditions,
- Client's water demand over the years and daily pumping regimes,
- Available initial and subsequent test pumping data,
- Aquifer lithology,
- Aquifer mineral chemistry,
- Geological setting and groundwater recharge/discharge mechanisms,
- Saline water intrusion (in coastal belts),
- Hydrology and land use,
- Climatology etc.