1. Assist clients in the process of applying for necessary borehole drilling permits/authorization letters/ licenses from the Water Resources management Authority (WRMA) and National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) to enable drilling to commence. (for Kenyan based projects)

2. Preparation of Drilling Technical Specifications, borehole drilling Bill of Quantities (BOQs), conditions of borehole drilling contract, drilling tendering and tender evaluation (to select suitable drilling contractors)

3. Supervision of Borehole Drilling and construction/installation works, Development, Test Pumping and installation of permanent pumping plants.

4. Analysis of test Pumping data and selection of suitable borehole pumps for installation,

5. Inspection of contractor’s work and Certification of contactor’s Bill of Quantities (BOQs)

6. Geological logging

7. Geophysical logging (where required)
8. Water quality assessment and monitoring.

9.  Supervision of installation works for permanent pumping plants, testing and commissioning of projects to clients.

10. Preparation of borehole drilling and completion reports, etc