I need to have a borehole in my piece of land. What are the main requirements before I can start drilling?

First, you need to have hydrogeological survey done on your land (where you intent to drill the borehole) in order to investigate any optimum site where you can drill a borehole. Groundwater potential/occurrence varies from one site to another depending on geological and hydrogeological setting of an area and should be investigated first before actual drilling can be done. Hydrogeological survey is done by competent Hydrogeologists/Geologists registered with the Ministry of Water and Irrigation- Kenya (for Kenya based projects). Also groundwater quality and quantity vary from site to site depending on the geological setting, hydrogeological setting, climatological setting and physical location of your project site.

Secondly, once an optimum drilling site has been identified and resultant hydrogeological survey report has been prepared by your appointed Hydrogeologist/Geologist, you need to apply for an authorization letter to drill the borehole from the Water Resources Management Authority (WRMA) (for Kenyan based projects).

Additionally, you also need to carry out an Environmental Impact assessment (EIA) Project report for your proposed borehole and reports submitted to the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA)- (for Kenya based projects) for review in order to get an approval to drill borehole or any other communication from NEMA. This EIA is done by EIA/EA Lead Experts Registered with NEMA- Kenya (for Kenyan based Projects)

Once you have the above approvals, you can now select and commission your preferred drilling contractor to drill the borehole. It is illegal to drill boreholes without proper approval documents from relevant authorities which govern your project area.

The Principal consultant and other key members in Groundwater and Technical Services Limited are duly registered by the above bodies. We are experts in the above services and therefore we will serve you with sound professionalism and trust whether in Kenya other East African Countries.