A study done on a particular surface water body e.g. a river, stream, spring, etc. for purposes of exploiting the resource. For instance, purposes such as direct water abstraction for domestic/industrial/irrigation or any other use, hydroelectric power production, dam design/construction and reservoir management, flood control and management, drought management, water resources assessment, groundwater recharge estimation, water body diversion during engineering works or for any other undertaking which may be done on the resource or may affect the resource as a result of implementation of a proposed development project.

This study also includes hydrological data processing and analysis; development and management of a hydrological information system for operational and planning; Reservoir Water Balance Management for hydropower production and planning; feasibility studies for potential hydropower  projects; Computer Reservoir Simulation to determine hydro capability “(energy and capacity) during yearly formulation of the Least Cost Power Expansion Planning; monthly, quarterly and yearly hydro production capability planning based on forecasted inflows and weather forecast reports; Annual energy projection planning; Liaison with relevant agencies involved in collection and provision of hydro-meteorological data and weather forecast reports; surface water assessments (planning and design of hydro-meteorological network, installation, operation and maintenance; data collection, processing and analysis, preparation of technical maps and reports;); and hydro-meteorological data processing and analysis for planning and design of water development projects.