Carried out a Participatory end of Project Evaluation for Deutsche Welthungerhilfe e.V./German Agro Action (DWHH/GAA) and its partner organisation (ActNow), a project known as DWHH/GAA Relief KEN 1047. The project was about “Water supply & health support to agro-pastoralist areas acutely affected by drought, related acute food insecurity, aggravated water shortage & health threats in Makueni District of Eastern Province”.

Funded by European Commission Humanitarian Office (ECHO) and DWHH/GAA, covered 41 projects raging from community based hand pump fitted shallow wells, gravity water pipeline extensions with tanks/water kiosks and primary school roof catchments with tanks all in Makindu and Kibwezi Divisions. The evaluated aspects included design and construction of water projects, value for money and efficiency of implementation, community participation and the impact of training on water hygiene and sanitation, capacity building on project operation, maintenance/ management and public health (water borne diseases, afflatoxin, HIV/AIDS and other STIs).

Carried out a Final Evaluation of Relief Project, “Emergency Water Supply & Health Project in 3 Divisions of Makueni District, Eastern Province, Kenya” for Deutsche Welthungerhilfe e.V./German Agro Action, known as DWHH/GAA Project KEN 1040. Divisions covered were Makindu, Kibwezi and Mtito Andei.

Funded by USAID/OFDA, DWHH/GAA, covered 51 water structures raging from community based rock catchments with tanks, gravity water pipeline extensions with tanks and water kiosks, hand pump fitted shallow wells and primary school roof catchments with tanks, in addition to related community capacity building on project management and water borne diseases/ water hygiene and sanitation.

To be verified in evaluation were physical and complimentary training programme/ capacity building output of the project, results and related indicators through discussions with stakeholders, numerous interviews with target groups such as community leaders, project members and general beneficiaries of the water projects, inspection of project documentation, consultation of relevant coordination and implementation staff among other resources. Other surface water resources assessed included: the Umani Springs located at the foot of Chyullu Hills and Makindu Springs located at the contact zone of the Chyulu volcanics and the basement system of the metamorphic rocks near Makindu Township. These springs are main sources of water for both Kibwezi and Makindu townships respectively, and many other evaluations.