Depth to Bed rock Survey
In 2010, carried geotechnical/ rock profiling study in Lavington, Hatheru for Mrs. Pauline Muriuki. The study was required to determine depth to fresh/compact bed rock and also outline the thickness and nature of the overburden to be excavated for purposes of constructing flats and other housing units.  In 2006 was involved in Geotechnical (depth to bed rock) Surveys at the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), Uthiru Area, Nairobi. The scope of the study was to determine the suitability of the ground for its lagoons harbouring laboratory wastewaters based on the thickness of overburden,  nature, location  and extent of all existing fractures/faults or any other zones of weakness, not to contaminate groundwater resource.

Underground Effluent Discharge Projects:
Carried out hydrogeological/geophysical investigations for sitting an injection borehole in the new premise of Coastal Bottlers Ltd, in Mtwapa Area, Kilifi District, Coast Province. The study outlined depth to the freshwater aquifer, transitional brackish water aquifer and very saline water aquifer and occurrence of aquicludes, injection borehole design, installation/construction, appropriate drilling technology, industrial effluent treatment/discharge, industrial effluent quality and related fresh groundwater contamination protection and control measures/remedies. During the study borehole/well data inventory for over 40 boreholes within the area was carried out.