In 2012 was involved in hydrological survey of Athi River and Stony Athi in Athi River Township and Wanjohi River  in Ol Kalou area of  Nyandarua County for Harvest Flowers Ltd. The river water was required by client for irrigation use.

Was involved in hydrological survey of Mwachi River in Mazeras Area of Kilifi County.

In 2009-2010, was involved in hydrological study and water resources assessment for the Kwale International Sugar Co. Ltd (KISCOL) which has replaced the defunct Ramisi Sugar Co. Ltd. The project covered three major catchment areas projected for supplying large scale water supply for irrigation use by the company.  The catchment areas studied are  Ramisi River, Mkurumudji River and Koromojo Dam (Mtawa river system) catchment areas and their sub-catchments.

This was done in accordance with the new Water Resources Management Authority regulations for the client to obtained water abstraction permits. The study also investigated the sources of salinity for the Ramisi River water and its sub-catchment water sources. In the study, water sampling and analyses was done at various locations traversing from the river mouth (next to the ocean) to the river source areas (the various tributaries of the river)Some sites visted include the Majimoto Hot Springs in Kikoneni area, Kibuyuni dam in Kikokeni area, Rovu river Hot Springs, Gangani hot Springs in Mkundi area, Kiziwa Chetu dama near Eshu Bridge, Nzombo Hill, Mwachande, Kichaka Simba, Buda Forest, Mwaluvanga, Shimba Hills, Gandini and Ndavaya, and Ramisi tributaries at Kenya/Tanzania Border.

In addition, carried out a groundwater availability study for Msambweni area, to explore possibilities of supplementing the available surface water resources. In the process carried, hydrogeological/geophysical survey and Groundwater availability study in the mentioned area and identified areas with productive aquifers which can give boreholes with yields in the rage of 50 -100m3/hr to supplement surface water resources. Aquifer zones identified were within Kidongoweni-Gongoni Area, Zigira- Magaoni Area and Koromojo-Milalani-Mabatini Area where 30 potential borehole drilling sites were identified and proposed within the aquifer zones. Both surface and ground water quality assessment within the project area was done

In 2007, carried water resources availability studies for Busia and Nambale Areas including  Evaluation of Sio River, Western Province. Was involved in Water Resources availability study (both surface and ground water) in Msambweni Area of Kwale District. Coast Province. Client (Kwale International Sugar. Co.Ltd and many others.