Van Enk, Dirk Christiaan
Personal Details, Key Qualifications and Experience
Name: Van Enk, Dirk Christiaan                
Year of birth: 1945
Profession: Hydrologist / Hydrogeologist    
Nationality: Dutch
Relevant Experience: 35 years
Professional Affiliations:

  • International Association of Hydrogeologists;
  • Professional Member of the Geological Society of Kenya.


  • Licensed Qualified Water Engineer (Hydrogeologist), Water Act, Kenya;
  • Registered Geologist, Kenya;
  • Lead Expert, National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA), Kenya.


  • Hydrological, hydrogeological & geophysical surveys and studies;
  • Water resources assessment and management studies;
  • Borehole drilling & well field design;
  • Groundwater modelling;
  • Management of drilling contracts;
  • Project identification & evaluation;
  • Water related environmental impact.

Mr. van Enk is a hydrologist/hydrogeologist with over 40 years of experience in all aspects of applied hydrology and hydrogeology, such as water resources assessment studies, computer interpretation techniques, hydrological studies, site studies for small dams, borehole drilling, completion and testing techniques, borehole design, well field design, aquifer testing, groundwater flow modeling, groundwater chemistry, data base management, rural water development planning, project planning and evaluation. 

Mr. van Enk, who joined Groundwater Survey (Kenya) Ltd in 1992 as Managing Director, has worked in a large number of overseas projects, in Sudan, Indonesia, Spain, Yemen, Ethiopia, Zambia, Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya.  

Mr van Enk has worked with Mr. Dominic Mutinda (the principal consultant and Managing Director of Groundwater and Technical Services Limited GWTS) on numerous projects in East Africa region and beyond, before and after establishment of GWTS. Mr. Dominic Mutinda has been a long serving staff member of Groundwater Survey (Kenya) Ltd and later Groundwater Survey (EA) Ltd as a Senior Hydrogeologist/EIA and EA Lead Expert before he formed GWTS. Mr. Van Enk has been a key mentor/role model to Mr. Mutinda’s rich professional experience in several countries.


  • 1968, February   B.Sc. Physical Geography, Free University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 1972, March    M.Sc. Physical Geography, with specialization in Hydrology and Hydrogeology, Institute of Earth Science, Free University of Amsterdam.