Groundwater and Technical Services Limited is adequately equipped with modern equipment.

On commissioning the Company is generally in a position to mobilise within one week’s notice. Our team is well trained in the use of advanced geophysical and hydrogeological equipment, combined with the latest computer hardware and software applications. In addition, our technical library (including a comprehensive collection of aerial photographs, complete sets of topographical and geological maps, and a computerised database of more than 1000 previous studies) provides a useful source of information and quick reference.

Our list of Geophysical and Hydrogeological equipment is as outlined below.


  • 2x ABEM Terrameters SAS 1000 for resistivity and IP with all accessories. Cables: 2x500 m;
  • 1x ABEM Terrameter SAS 300 for resistivity, complete with accessories. Cables: 2x500m;
  • 1x ABEM SAS 2000 booster for Terrameter SAS 300, for increased penetration.
  • 1x GEONICS EM 34-3 electro-magnetic field transmitter and receiver;
  • 1x ABEM Wadi Very Low Frequency sub-surface electrical conductivity measuring device;
  • 1x EG&G Geometrics ES 1225, 12 channel Exploration Seismograph, complete with accessories;
  • 1x MP-2 Total Field Magnetometer, Proton Precision: + 1 gamma (not owned);
  • 1x Borehole logging tool for short normal, long normal resistivity, SP and IP.


  • 3x Electronic water level dippers (50, 100 & 300 m);
  • Electronic conductivity meters and pH meters;
  • 1x OMNIDATA automatic water level recorder with pressure transducer and 20 m cable;
  • GLA 32 soil salinity testers;
  • Complete hand drilling sets, with 2” and 4” auger bits, bailers, tubes, etc;
  • 1x VALEPORT flow meter with accessories;
  • 3x Global positioning systems (GPS);
  • 1x TOPCON stereoscope; 2x Solar electricity generating sets for surveys in remote areas;
  • 2x Solar electricity generating sets for surveys in remote areas;
  • Camping equipment.
  • 1x One electronic planimeter.