Some of the Tanzania projects principle consultant has conducted/participated include: 

Water Resources Assessment studies for Dar es Salaam City, Tanzania (Client Tanzania Breweries Ltd -TBL). 

Hydrogeological and Geophysical Site Investigations at Tanzania Breweries Limited (TBL), Dar es Salaam City.Geophysical surveys were done at the TBL premises but due to lack of enough space within the premises, the survey was extended to Jangwani area (open field approximately 200m to the north of TBL factory site), Mchikichini Primary School (about 50 to the north of the TBL premises next to the TANESCO sub-station) and Uhuru School and adjoining areas.  

The resultant extra large diameter boreholes are indented to supply huge amounts of saline water for industrial water supply to TBL industry after purification. The idea here is to abstract saline water (whose supply is plenty) below the fresh water interface/aquifers whose supply cannot meet industrial demand. High fresh water abstraction can cause imbalance in the fresh water-saltwater interface hence salt water intrusion in freshwater aquifers either by sea water or underlying brackish water. 

Groundwater Resources Assessment (desk study for an upcoming project) for Kipara, Tazara and Mbagala Areas of Dar es Salaam City. Bakhresa Food Products Limited – Tanzania. 

Exploratory borehole drilling management for Tanzania Breweries Ltd (TBL): i.e. preparation of drilling technical specifications and Bill of Quantities, conditions of contract, drilling tendering (invitation to tender and tender evaluation), supervision of drilling works, geological logging, borehole design and installation/construction, development, test pumping, analyses of test pumping data, certification of contractor’s BOQs after completion of works. 

Hydrogeological/geophysical survey, borehole site investigations and water resources assessment for Iringa Water Supply, Iringa Town, (H P Gauff Consult Engineers). Hydrogeological/ geophysical survey for Twenty borehole sites and  Groundwater Resources Investigations for Dodoma and Tabora Urban Water Supply in Dodoma and Tabora Regions, Tanzania (Seureca Space), funded by World Bank .Small Towns Water Supply and Sanitation Programme, hydrogeological/ geophysical Survey for 27 borehole sites in Kilosa, Mpwapwa, Gairo, Mvomero, Turiani, Kibaigwa, Ikwiriri, Utete and Kibiti.(Seureca Space). Groundwater Resources Investigations for four towns in Rufiji and Dodoma, Tanzania, funded by The French Government.