Groundwater and Technical Services has a qualified and widely experienced team of professionals who are capable of meeting your expectations.

Dominic Nzuma Mutinda
DOMINIC NZUMA MUTINDA -  Managing Director and Principle Consultant): HYDROGEOLOGIST/ GEOPHYSICIST /ENGINEERING GEOLOGIST & EIA /EIA LEAD EXPERT: in Geology - University of Nairobi, PGC in EIA/EA - Africa Nazarene University, Registered with the Ministry of Water & Irrigation-Kenya as Qualified Water Resources Professional - (Registered and Licensed Hydrogeologist, Registered and Licensed EIA/EA Lead Expert with NEMA-Kenya, Registered Geologist with Geologist Registration Board-Kenya (GRB), Member of Geological Society of Kenya (GSK).

Mr. Mutinda is a former Senior Hydrogeologist/Geophysicist/Environmentalist with Groundwater Survey (EA) Ltd. He has vast experience (more than 12 years) in various aspects of applied hydrogeology, hydrology, geology, exploration geophysics and geochemistry, engineering geology and geotechnical work, environmental geology, geochemistry, hydrochemistry, environmental impact assessment (EIA), Environmental and Social impact assessment (ESIA) and environmental audit (EA), water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) projects, project evaluation and management, water resources investigations, development and management.

He has vast experience in the East African region (especially in Kenya and Tanzania), South Sudan and Somaliland. He has conducted numerous projects for a wide scope of clients such as individual clients, private organizations/companies, Local/International NGO’s, State missions/Embassies and major government projects, in Kenya and neighbouring countries.

Mainly involved in hydrogeological/geophysical site surveys, borehole site investigations, hydrological surveys, Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Audit studies, aquifer studies, Water Resources Assessment, water quality monitoring & assessment, Water Availability Studies, water supply project management from inception to completion, borehole drilling management on behalf of clients (i.e. Project proposal formulation, preparation of borehole drilling technical specifications and bill of quantities, drilling tendering/tender evaluation, drilling supervision, borehole logging, design and installation, supervision of test pumping process, selection/ installation of pumps, certification of contractor’s Bill of Quantities etc).

Borehole Condition assessment, water quality assessment, geotechnical surveys/studies and Engineering Geological surveys, evaluation of small scale to large scale water supply and sanitation projects including WASH projects. Design and Evaluation of Ground water and Surface Water supply and Sanitation Projects, Design and installation of injection boreholes for industrial effluents discharge.

Project management from inception to completion and report writing.
Daniel Ngugi Kimani
DANIEL NGUGI KIMANI - HYDROLOGIST (Registered/Licensed): B.Sc. (Applied Hydrology)-University of Dar-es-Salaam, P.G.Dip (Hydro Eng)-Delft, the Netherlands, MBA (IB) Cardiff, UK, PGC in EIA/EA - Africa Nazarene University, (Associate Staff). Membership in professional societies: Hydrological Society of Kenya, Kenya Meteorological Society, Licensed Water Professional (Hydrologist), Institute of Economic Affairs.

Mr. Kimani (Registered/ Licensed hydrologist) has over 30 years of experience as a Hydrologist with expertise in operation and maintenance of hydrological network; hydrological data processing and analysis; development and management of a hydrological information system for operational and planning; Reservoir Water Balance Management for hydropower production and planning; feasibility studies for potential hydropower  projects; Computer Reservoir Simulation to determine hydro capability “(energy and capacity) during yearly formulation of the Least Cost Power Expansion Planning; monthly, quarterly and yearly hydro production capability planning based on forecasted inflows and weather forecast reports; Annual energy projection planning; Liaison with relevant agencies involved in collection and provision of hydro-meteorological data and weather forecast reports; surface water assessments (planning and design of hydro-meteorological network, installation, operation and maintenance; data collection, processing and analysis, preparation of technical maps and reports;); and hydro-meteorological data processing and analysis for planning and design of water development projects.
Jackline M. Mutinda
JACKLINE M. MUTINDA- ENVIRONMENTAL HYDROGEOLOGIST & EIA/EA LEAD EXPERT: B.Sc in Geology - University of Nairobi, PGC in EIA and EA (Africa Nazarene University).

Ms Jackline Mutinda has over 6 years of experience in various aspects of environmental management, hydrogeology, and Geophysics water resources management and project management. She has conducted more than 30 environmental impact assessment studies.

She has in addition conducted numerous hydrogeological and geophysical surveys and borehole drilling supervision in Kenya. She has hands on experience in application of GIS and Remote sensing techniques for environment and water resources management.

She is experienced in preparation of geological/hydrogeological and geophysical survey reports for borehole sites surveys as per the Water Resources management Authority Regulations (WRMA) -Kenya and geotechnical work.

She is also well experienced in groundwater modelling, interpretation and analyses of borehole test pumping data. Ms Mutinda is well versed in various types of computer software applied in hydrogeological /geophysical studies.
Jacob K. Mwanza
JACOB K. MWANZA - GROUNDWATER TECHNICIAN/DRILLING SUPERVISOR: Diploma in Water Engineering – Kenya Water Institute.

Mr. Mwanza has more that 9 years experience in a wide range of technical aspects for borehole drilling supervision and management i.e.  Supervision of borehole drilling works, Borehole design and construction, borehole logging, test pumping and analysis of pump test data, supervision for installation of borehole  permanent pumping plants, certification of contractors BOQs borehole, borehole condition assessment, groundwater monitoring, water quality assessment, hydrogeological and geophysical surveys.
Additional Team of Professionals
Groundwater and Technical Services Ltd also engages additional team of competent and highly experienced professionals/ associates in the East Africa Region ranging from Water and Environmental Engineers, Civil Engineers, Geotechnical Engineers, Geologists, Agricultural Engineers, Environmentalists, Hydrogeologists, Hydrologists, EIA and EA Experts, Drilling Supervisors and Technicians, Social Impact Assessors, Social Community Mobilisers/Sensitizers, Project Evaluators from time to time as it may be dictated by either the projects Terms of Reference (TOR), its type, nature, scope, location, project timeframe or stakeholders involved in various projects.